But What Will People Say?

But What Will People Say?

Navigating Mental Health, Identity, Love and Family Between Cultures


A paradigm-shifting book from therapist and founder of @browngirltherapy, offering powerful insights and guidance for multi-cultural readers to better understand, accept and nurture their mental wellbeing

Sahaj grew up as a south-asian girl in a white American community, constantly trying to reconcile her two identities, always feeling like she wasn’t enough of either. Her mental health suffered but her worries were met with shame and the all-encompassing question: But what will people say?

After years of attending therapy in secret and finding the same gaps in the mental health world, Sahaj decided to train as a therapist herself. Now, with over 225k followers from around the world, Sahaj is on a mission to make mental health advice accessible for people from all cultures and, ultimately, help others free themselves from shame. There are sections on:
- Generational trauma
- Breaking down stigma
- Celebrating cultural duality

But What Will People Say? elegantly weaves together Sahaj's personal narrative with anecdotal analysis, and comprehensive research to create a revolutionary guide that will democratize and decolonize the way we think about our mental health. It is nothing short of a revolution.

'This book is a must read' Layla F. Saad, New York Times bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy


  • This touching, refreshing and insightful book is so needed! I congratulate Sahaj for sharing her own journey and struggles with our culture and values, that me and so many will relate to. She provides guidance, compassion and essential change that will heal and transform lives. This is a must-read for any child of immigrants
    Lavina Mehta MBE, author of The Feel Good Fix

About the author

Sahaj Kaur Kohli

Sahaj Kohli is a licensed therapist, a columnist for the advice column ‘Ask Sahaj’ in The Washington Post, and the founder of the Instagram page @browngirltherapy, the first and largest mental health and wellness community organization for children of immigrants. Sahaj has sat on panels and delivered workshops and keynotes at companies including Amazon Inc., Google and Accenture. This is her first book.
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