Raising A Happier Mother

Raising A Happier Mother

How to Find Balance, Feel Good and See Your Children Flourish as a Result.



This isn't a parenting book.
This isn't a guide to being a perfect parent (spoiler: they don't exist)
This is a book about you.

We can only anchor, nurture, nourish and instill confidence in our children when we extend the same support to ourselves. After all, how can we effectively tend to our children's needs when our energy reserves are depleted? How can we lead by example and teach our children the importance of healthy self-esteem if we are struggling with these things ourselves? There are a thousand and one ways to parent, and only one way that's authentic for you.

Drawing on her work as a psychotherapist, alongside her own experiences as a mother, Anna shows that caring with our children begins with caring for ourselves, and it's time to replace exhaustion with empowerment. Far from being selfish, self-care is an essential quality of a happier mother good parent. The greatest gift you can give to to yourself and your children, is to give yourself permission to thrive.


  • Lightbulb moments that will change the course of your motherhood
    Anna Whitehouse

About the author

Anna Mathur

Anna Mathur is a psychotherapist and bestselling author. She's passionate about taking therapy out of the consulting room, sharing her personal and professional experiences online. She offers supportive insights on Instagram (@annamathur), via online and offline courses and through her incredibly popular podcast 'The Therapy Edit'. Anna's podcast has now released over 250 episodes and received over 3 million downloads, with guests including Fearne Cotton, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Anna Whitehouse, Holly Tucker, Giovanna Fletcher and Liz Earle.
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