The O.D.D. Squad: Rise of Invisidog

The O.D.D. Squad: Rise of Invisidog


Perfect for fans of Bunny Vs Monkey and Dog Man!

Do you want to laugh your pants off? Of course you do. In which case - come on into the world of the O.D.D. Squad - a team of (sort of) heroic animal crime-fighters you'll never forget. Though maybe not for the right reasons . . .

Justice City. Rain soaks its streets. Crime soaks it more. The fate of the entire city has been left in the hands (well, paws) of one brave superhero.

That's right - dun dun dunnnnnn - INVISIDOG!

Invisidog hunts for danger wherever he finds it. There is no job too big, and no criminal too tough for the mighty Invisidog. He is the shadows!! And actually, that's kind of the problem. Because Invisidog's amazing superpowers . . . are kind of rubbish.

Turns out being invisible isn't all that helpful when you're trying to rid a city of terrible criminals. They tend to have a habit of ignoring you for one thing. So Invisidog's going to have to think BIG. Can he convince the most amazing superheroes of all time - adorable-but-mighty Quack Attack, and the world's greatest thinker, Detective Octopus - to join forces?

(What does O.D.D. Squad stand for? Well you'll have to read and find out, won't you?)

'Great read, beautifully illustrated' Joe Brumm, creator of Bluey


  • Great read, beautifully illustrated
    Joe Brumm, creator of Bluey

About the authors

Stuart Heritage

Stuart Heritage has written for the Guardian since 2009. His weekly column about his young son 'Man With a Pram' ran in the paper's Family section between 2015-16. Earlier in his career he founded a website that was named as both Metro's Best British Blog and one of the Observer top 50 most powerful blogs in the world. He has also written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, The Times, Men's Health, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Red, Marie Clare and the NME. He is also the author of picture books Jonathan the Magic Pony, and Don't Say Elephant!, and has credits on popular TV shows including Bluey. He lives in Ashford, Kent.
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Vincent Batignole (Illustrator)

Born in the southwest of France, Vincent Batignole grew up surrounded by French comics, colourful anime on TV and his grandparents' collection of true crime books. No wonder he quickly developed a passion for anything cute, scary and geeky!

Trained at the Ecole Pivaut in Nantes, his professional journey started with the comic series 'Gloom Cookie' created by Serena Valentino (Disney's 'Villains' book series) and Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin). Since then, he's been illustrating and writing for various international clients, including EPIC!, Capstone and Andrews McMeel, while earning a Master's Degree in cinema history and film analysis.

Vincent now resides near Paris with his dog, Kero, and what's easily one of the biggest collections of manga drawn by CLAMP.
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