#1 - The O.D.D. Squad: Rise of Invisidog
#1 - The O.D.D. Squad: Rise of Invisidog
Justice City. Rain soaks its streets. Crime soaks it more. The fate of the entire city has been left in the hands (well, paws) of one brave superhero.

That's right - dun dun dunnnnnn - INVISIDOG!

Invisidog hunts for danger wherever he finds it. There is no job too big, and no criminal too tough for the mighty Invisidog. He is the shadows!! And actually, that's kind of the problem. Because Invisidog's amazing superpowers . . . are kind of rubbish.

Turns out being invisible isn't all that helpful when you're trying to rid a city of terrible criminals. They tend to have a habit of ignoring you for one thing. So Invisidog's going to have to think BIG. Can he convince the most amazing superheroes of all time - adorable-but-mighty Quack Attack, and the world's greatest thinker, Detective Octopus - to join forces?

(What does O.D.D. Squad stand for? Well you'll have to read and find out, won't you?)
#2 - The O.D.D. Squad: Attack of Aunty Enchanty
#2 - The O.D.D. Squad: Attack of Aunty Enchanty
The O.D.D. Squad are BACK! And this time, they're even more amazing (well, amazingly rubbish) than ever. Quack Attack, Detective Octopus and Invisidog are the most feared crime-fighters ever to roam Justice CIty. They're a bit of a strange gang, but by heck they get the job done. Most of the time. And only so long as they criminals they're facing are useless.

But unfortunately for them, their nemesis in this adventure really ISN'T useless. In fact, she's kind of an all-powerful sorceress, who goes by the name of Aunty Enchanty. And what's worse than an all-powerful sorceress? How about an all-powerful sorceress determined to wipe Justice City from the face of the Earth, using mega-monsters . . . One of which looks suspiciously familiar.

Can the gang unite to defeat Aunty Enchanty, or is this the end of the road for the O.D.D. Squad?

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