Maya & Marley and the Great Big Tidy Up

Maya & Marley and the Great Big Tidy Up


Join siblings Maya and Marley as they figure out how to keep their playground clean!

"I'm wondering, I'm wondering... we need to have a great big tidy up!"

Maya and Marley live in their very own playground with Mum, Dad and pet goats Lou and Chou!

But when the playground becomes overrun with litter, it's up to Maya and Marley to plan a tidy up! Will they be able to clear it all away by themselves?

A warm and adventurous picture book from bestselling author, Laura Henry-Allain, that promotes empathy and caring for the world around you.

About the authors

Laura Henry-Allain MBE

Laura Henry-Allain MBE is an award-winning international producer, storyteller, educationalist and consultant. She is the creator of the well-loved JoJo and Gran Gran characters, developed and produced by CBeebies and is the series' associate producer. She is also executive producer on a few shows that are currently in development, including Daddio & Co.
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Yabaewah Scott (Illustrator)

Some of Yabaewah (Ya-bay-wah) Scott's first canvases were the important work documents of her parents. Keeping her passion for creativity in mind, she eventually went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration at University.

Within Yabaewah's work, you'll often see a bold use of colour and texture, gaining a feeling of warmth with hints of nostalgia. She's currently working as a freelance illustrator and teacher in London. Yabaewah would describe herself as a curious creative with a love for animals and the whimsical.
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