Ed Reardon’s Week: Series 15

Ed Reardon’s Week: Series 15

A BBC Radio 4 sitcom


Ed Reardon returns to lead us through the ups and downs of his life in this 15th series

'His dejection is ... our delight' Radio Times

Berkhamsted's most famous son is back, still ensconced in his 'stylish capsule urban living unit' (aka small office conversion) and continuing to pursue his part-time relationship with Maggie. However, he's once more on the brink of the breadline as his agent, Ping, has failed to come up with any major offers of work, and his best mate and deadly rival, Jaz Milvain, remains a perpetual thorn in his side.

Ed also finds himself supporting his daughter Eli in her new career as a 'Storyteller', tutoring a new student in his creative writing class (Pearl having left to join the silver workforce as a store detective), and struggling to divert himself after the loss of Elgar. Seeking distraction, he tries his hand at woodworking, starts a weekly 'Soapbox Corner', contemplates relaunching his online Quiz Nights and takes advantage of a 'blind recruiting initiative' to apply for a new role. Could the tantalising prospect of a real job - with a regular income - give him the impetus he needs to re-engage with the world?

This fifteenth series is dedicated to its co-creator, Andrew Nickolds, who died in 2022. Christopher Douglas plays Ed, with Barunka O'Shaughnessy as Ping, Pippa Haywood as Maggie, Philip Jackson as Jaz and Lisa Coleman as Eli. Also starring are Geoffrey Whitehead as Stan, Sally Grace as Olive and Ellen Thomas as Winnie.

Written by Andrew Nickolds and Christopher Douglas

Produced by Dawn Ellis

Production co-ordinator: Katie Baum

Sound: Jon Calver

Dedicated to Andrew Nickolds, who sadly passed away mid-way through writing the series


Ed Reardon - Christopher Douglas

Ping - Barunka O'Shaughnessy

Jaz Milvain - Philip Jackson

Eli - Lisa Coleman

Stan - Geoffrey Whitehead

Olive/Kebab Woman - Sally Grace

Winnie - Ellen Thomas

Maggie - Pippa Haywood

Jake/Lifeguard - Sam Pamphilon

Derek - Robert Powell

Shop assistant/WPC/Claude/Firefighter - Rachel Atkins

Pool tannoy/Radio presenter/HRH/Sheila - Nicola Sanderson

Quizzy/Shop assistant - Helen Monks

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 13 July-17 August 2023

© 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. (P) 2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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