McLevy: The Collected Series 7-12

McLevy: The Collected Series 7-12

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast crime drama


Brian Cox and Siobhan Redmond star in series 7-12 of the Victorian crime drama

Inspired by the real-life memoirs of Edinburgh's first detective, James McLevy, here are more fantastic fictional adventures featuring the tenacious Victorian crime-solver. Once again, McLevy and his faithful sidekick Constable Mulholland patrol the dark wynds and back alleys of 1840s Leith tracking down evildoers - aided by a surprising ally: the beautiful and resourceful brothel-keeper Jean Brash.

In these collected episodes, McLevy investigates the kidnap of a women's rights campaigner, sets out to prove that a celebrated stage magician is a jewel thief; probes a series of street attacks on clients of The Just Land; and is kidnapped by a grieving father seeking vengeance for the death of his son. Plus, Jean's life hangs in the balance when she is poisoned by a mystery assailant; Mulholland is challenged to a duel; and the new docks in Leith threaten to change McLevy's life forever...

Also included is Meet James McLevy, a 2016 remake of the original pilot episode, in which the idiosyncratic detective investigates the demise of a bank manager found dead and naked by the Water of Leith.

Brian Cox stars as McLevy, with Siobhan Redmond as Jean Brash, Michael Perceval-Maxwell as Mulholland, David Ashton as Roach and Colette O'Neill as Hannah.

'Everything afternoon radio was invented for' The Guardian

Produced and directed by Bruce Young
Image credit: © Pete Hambling/BBC

Inspector McLevy - Brian Cox
Jean Brash - Siobhan Redmond
Constable Mulholland - Michael Perceval-Maxwell
Lieutenant Roach - David Ashton

With Irene Allan, David Ashton, Kenny Blyth, Charlene Boyd, Simon Bubb, Tam Dean Burn, James Bryce, John Buick, Stewart Campbell, Jimmy Chisholm, Ben Clifford, Sarah Collier, Tony Cownie, Alan Cox, Ali Craig, Carol Ann Crawford, Nicola Jo Cully, Emma Currie, Simon Donaldson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Brian Ferguson, Keiran Gallacher, Teresa Gallagher, Kim Gerard, Stella Gonet, Richard Greenwood, Sandy Grierson, Melody Grove, Alasdair Hankinson, Colin Harris, Jessica Hardwick, Victoria Inez Hardy, Leslie Hart, David Hayman, Kathryn Howden, Lewis Howden, Robert Jack, Patricia Kavanagh, John Kazek, Samuel Keefe, Cara Kelly, John Kielty, Rikki Lawton, Vicki Liddelle, Crawford Logan, Cal MacAninch, Edith MacArthur, Helen Mackay, Forbes Masson, Martin McBride, Sarah McCardie, Matt McClure, Gemma McElhinney, Tony McGeever, Robert McIntosh, Jayne McKenna, Finlay McLean, Steven McNicoll, Gavin Mitchell, Alexander Morton, Colette O'Neil, Grant O'Rourke, Brian Pettifer, Matthew Pidgeon, Gayanne Potter, Stewart Porter, Daniel Portman, Carl Prekopp, Derek Riddell, David Rintoul, Alex Rivers, David Robb, Iain Robertson, Hugh Ross, Douglas Russell, Sean Scanlan, John Shedden, Ashley Smith, John Stahl, Simon Tait, Nicholas Tizzard, Anita Vettesse, Lizzy Watts, Owen Whitelaw, Tracy Wiles, James Young, Jordan Young, Paul Young

First broadcast BBC Radio 4: 2 March-23 March 2011 (Series 7), 29 November-20 December 2011 (Series 8), 26 November-17 December 2012 (Series 9), 18 February-11 March 2014 (Series 10), 15 December 2015-5 January 2016 (Series 11), 8 October 2016 (Meet James McLevy), 10-13 October 2016 (Series 12)

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  • 'Everything afternoon radio was invented for'
    The Guardian

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