Albert Camus: The Plague, The Outsider & more

Albert Camus: The Plague, The Outsider & more

A study in drama and documentary


A study of Albert Camus' life and works which draws together both dramatisations of his novels and documentaries about his life.

One of postwar France’s most influential writers, Albert Camus was fêted for his masterful exploration of the absurdity of the human condition. Included here are adaptations of his three iconic existential novels – The Plague, The Outsider and The Fall – alongside four bonus pieces shining a light on the man and his work.

La Peste – When plague strikes a French port on the Algerian coast in the late 1940s, the devastating effects are seen through the eyes of three characters: the town doctor, a Parisian journalist, and a mystery man seeking peace…

The Outsider – Camus’ masterpiece introduces us to Meursault, a Frenchman living in Algiers, who refuses to pretend and is prepared to face the universe’s indifference alone.

The Fall – A former Parisian lawyer, now an Amsterdam barfly, meets a compatriot and recounts his life story – confessing his guilt, his hypocrisy, and the hope that, when judged, he be judged innocent.

Carnets – Compiled from the literary journal that Camus kept from 1935 until his death in 1960, this 3-part series features his reflections on love, death, art and loneliness, as well as overheard conversations and notes on future works. Read by John Shrapnel.

The Insider – Leila Aboulela's powerful drama takes two key Arab characters from The Outsider – left unnamed and unspeaking by Camus – and reimagines their lives, giving them a voice and an identity.

Albert Camus: Inside the Outsider – With contributions from friends, family and fellow writers, and archive readings by Camus himself, this piece uncovers the real Camus behind the public face, exploring his early life, his friendship with Sartre, his relationships with women and his mysterious death.

Centurions: Albert Camus: The Outsider – Biographer Olivier Todd and critic Ray Davison discuss the profound impact of Camus’ pioneering novel on European thought and literature.

Featuring Ronald Pickup, John Shrapnel, Clive Merrison, Alex Lanepikun, Paul Scofield, Souad Faress, Sirine Saba, Dhaffer L'Abidine and Amir El-Masry.

Text copyright © Albert Camus 1942 (The Outsider), 1947 (The Plague), 1957 (The Fall)

Cast and credits
Written by Albert Camus

La Peste
Cast: Ronald Pickup, John Shrapnel, Clive Merrison, Maurice Denham, Alfred Burke, Brian Glover, Stuart Organ, Susie Brann, Joan Matheson, John Bott, George Parsons, David Garth, Douglas Blackwell, John Church, Sheila Grant, Natasha Pyne, Brian Hewlett, Andrew Branch, Garard Green

Dramatised by Guy Meredith
Directed by Cherry Cookson

The Outsider
Cast: Alex Lanipekun, Michael Bertenshaw, Arthur Hughes, John Norton, Sean Murray, Priyanga Burford, Sean Baker, Stephen Hogan, Sirine Saba, David Seddon, Carys Eleri

Dramatised and introduced by John Retallack
Directed by David Hunter

The Fall
Read by Paul Scofield
English version by Justin O'Brien
Narrative edited by Harry Moore
Production: H. B. Fortuin

Read by John Shrapnel
Translation by Philip Thody
Compiled by Anthony Astbury
Directed by John Theocharis

The Insider
Cast: Souad Faress, Sirine Saba, Dhaffer L’Abidine, Amir El-Masry, Stephen Hogan, Joel MacCormack, Priyanga Burford, Sean Murray

Written by Leila Aboulela
Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting

Albert Camus: Inside the Outsider
Presented by Professor Andrew Hussey
With Jeff Dyer, David Walker, M J Hyland, Damon Galgut, Sandra Smith, Roger Grenier, Jean Daniel, Catherine Camus, Andy Martin, Olivier Todd, Elizabeth Hawes, Patricia Blake, Catherine Sellers, Jean Camus, Hamid Grine, Giovanni Catelli and archive clips of Albert Camus
Produced by Karen Holden

Works used to research this programme:
Albert Camus: A Life by Olivier Todd
The Outsider by Albert Camus. Translated by Sandra Smith
L’Exil et le Royaume (Exile and the Kingdom) by Albert Camus. Edited by David Walker
The Boxer and The Goal Keeper: Sartre versus Camus by Andy Martin
Camus Deve Morire (Camus Must Die) by Giovanni Catelli
Camus, A Romance by Elizabeth Hawes

Centurions: Albert Camus: The Outsider
With Ray Davison and Olivier Todd
Produced by Sara Davies

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