From Cartels to Crypto: How the Tech Industry Washes Money for the World's Deadliest Crooks


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There's an old saying: 'a rising tide lifts all boats'.

It's normally couched in positive terms; that overall economic improvement will benefit everyone. In the case of hi-tech money laundering, however, it offers a dark vision of the future. The better these launderers become at their work, the more crime of all types will be enabled. It's time to understand where the water is rising, before it washes over us all.

Money laundering has been around for centuries. For as long as people have been stealing money, there's been an industry ready to wash it. But recent tech innovations have created vastly complex new systems for laundering that threaten to overwhelm authorities, destabilise economies and disrupt societies.

Ranging from the flamboyant luxury of Dubai hotels to quiet coastal Ireland, from the UK to Nigeria and from Indonesia to North Korea, Rinsed is a truly global relevatory investigation into the new army of innovative launderers ... and the consequences for all of us.

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  • Geoff White takes you on an eye-popping global safari through the twilight zone of modern organised crime. Grippingly told and meticulously researched, at different times both hilarious and horrifying, RINSED is a triumph. If you want to understand how the chaotic world around us really works, read this book!
    Miles Johnson, author of Chasing Shadows: A True Story of Drugs, War and the Secret World of International Crime

About the author

Geoff White

Geoff White is an investigative journalist covering technology and organised crime. He has reported on the Snowden leaks, investigated the hacking of Britain's largest internet service provider TalkTalk, exposed fraud in the online dating industry, and won multiple awards. His work has appeared in outlets including Channel 4 News, the BBC and The Sunday Times. His podcast series The Dark Web has been a top-ten hit on Audible since its launch in 2017 and his latest podcast, The Lazarus Heist which he co-hosted with Jean Lee for the BBC World Service, was number one in the UK Apple chart.
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