Lost Souls Meet Under a Full Moon

Lost Souls Meet Under a Full Moon

From the Japanese bestselling author of Lonely Castle in the Mirror


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Brimming with suspense and heartbreak, the million-copy Japanese magical realist mystery for fans of BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD and LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR

I bring together the living and the departed. I am the Go-Between.

When Hirase, a young woman from Tokyo, arranges an appointment with the Go-Between, she doesn't expect a teenager to show up. Dressed preppy-style in a duffel coat and carrying a notebook, he invites the dead back into the real world - at least, this is what Hirase has pieced together from his website page.

Ushered into a luxury hotel to await her meeting, the Go-Between lays down the ground-rules: the reunion lasts one evening under a full moon; the dead person cannot be called back by anyone else, and may refuse to meet.

Four more characters will go to a reunion:
- a woman struggling with low self-worth finds the TV star who once helped her
- an elder son, regretful of his greed, sees his deceased mother
- a young woman reunites with the rival whose death she deliberately caused
- a weary salary man meets to solve the mystery of his missing girlfriend
With each gripping story, clues are scattered like gems for the reader to piece together the emotional truth behind The Go-Between.

Watch out for HOW TO KEEP SOMEONE IN YOUR HEART, the sequel to THE GO-BETWEEN, coming soon.

Every word resonated in my heart' ***** Reader review'

'Perfect for anyone who loves to think deeply about what they have just read' ***** Reader review

'Makes you ponder about death and about life' ***** Reader review

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About the author

Mizuki Tsujimura

MIZUKI TSUJIMURA is the much-loved author of million-copy bestselling mystery and puzzlebox novels. LOST SOULS MEET UNDER A FULL MOON explores our relationship with the memories of deceased loved ones and what gives our lives meaning. It was made into a high-budget Japanese-language film and won a newcomer award. Its sequel HOW TO HOLD SOMEONE IN YOUR HEART was also a huge bestseller, cementing the appeal of Tsujimura’s unique combination of high emotion, mystery and magic. She is the author of the groundbreaking novel LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR, which was also adapted for anime and manga and which combines real-world fantasy with major themes of mental health and friendship. Tsujimura has won many awards, including the Japan Booksellers' Award and the Naoki prize and is published worldwide. English language editions of many of her works including TRUE MOTHERS, PRIDE AND VIRTUE, THE MADE-TO-ORDER MURDER CLUB and SUMMER OF AMBER, among others, are due to be published soon.
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