Why am I like this?

Why am I like this?

My Brain Isn’t Broken (and neither Is Yours)


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Why do I feel so overwhelmed? Is everyone else achieving more than me? Why did I say that embarrassing thing? What can I do to actually make a difference? Am I the only one who feels this way?

In the face of an uncertain future, technological co-dependence and increasing social disconnection, we are battling unprecedented levels of stress, loneliness, burnout and insecurity.

Drawing on her own experience of mental illness and neurodivergence, in her debut book, Gemma gets curious about how we tick in order to better understand and navigate the unique pressures of life today. Featuring the insight of experts and the latest research, Gemma shows that by harnessing the transformative power of curiosity and compassion, we can start to feel more hopeful, connected and at peace with ourselves.

Thought-provoking and heartening, this book is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, less than or that they don't belong.

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About the author

Gemma Styles

Gemma Styles is a relatable, authentic and trusted voice online who uses her 10 million Instagram followers to raise awareness about our most pressing issues. On her award-winning podcast, Good Influence, she invites discussion on topics that we should care about, such as mental health, sustainability and feminism. She is also a writer and MQMentalHealth Ambassador.
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