Three Lionesses

Three Lionesses

Find your team, build self-belief, embrace your inner Lioness


An empowering and uplifting guide from THREE legendary Lionesses, Ella Toone, Georgia Stanway and Nikita Parris.

Lionesses are brave. They fiercely look out for one another. They stick together. And they will roar as loud as they need to, to make sure their voices are heard.

Ella, Georgia and Nikita have learned so much from football that can apply to everyday life, from joining a new squad, to stepping up to take a penalty, and getting back up when life (or a footballer) knocks you down. With the true stories of how they got to where they are today and tons of practical tips, this book will help young readers embrace who they are, ignite their spark, go after their goals and find their team - because no Lioness is complete without their pride.

Are you ready to embrace your inner Lioness?

Written with Sunday Times bestselling author Cheryl Rickman

About the authors

Ella Toone

Ella, Georgia and Nikita were all part of the Euro 2022 Lionesses squad. Ella has scored 16 goals for the senior squad and is the first woman to wear the iconic number 7 shirt for Manchester United. Georgia has 49 senior caps for England and it was her goal that secured England a place in the Euros semi-final. Nikita was the WSL top goal scorer of all time in 2019-2020 - and when she was 11 there wasn't a girls' team so she set up her own and they went on to win the league!
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Georgia Stanway

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Nikita Parris

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Cat Sims (Illustrator)

Cat Sims is a London based Illustrator who creates visual narratives in her work, grounded in her passion for comic art. Feminism, social equality and climate change are some of the key themes she explores in her work. Cat has recently created illustrations for The New Yorker, The Guardian, BBC, Adidas and many more.
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Cheryl Rickman

Cheryl Rickman is a Sunday Times bestselling author and ghostwriter of 26 self-help, wellness and business books. She specializes in writing empowering, practical books to help people fret less and flourish more. Her most recent books include Tree Glee, You Are Enough and Navigating Loneliness. An avid supporter of the women's game, when Cheryl's not writing, you'll find her either spectating her daughter's matches from the side-lines or driving up and down the country to watch WSL and England games.
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