This Spells Love

This Spells Love

An utterly spellbinding rom-com for fans of The Dead Romantics and The Do-Over


'Utterly enchanting - a romance voice to watch' BK Borison, author of Lovelight Farms
'A rom-com meets magic delight...' Sarah Adams, author of Practice Makes Perfect


Have you ever had a break-up so bad you wish the whole relationship had never happened?

Well, Gemma's wish has come true. After one too many margaritas lead to her mystical aunt reading out a drunken spell, she wakes up in a parallel world where she didn't give years of her life to the wrong man.

But you know what they say - be careful what you wish for... Because not only is her boring ex out of the picture, her extremely attractive male best friend also has no idea who she is.

And in this world, Gemma and Dax don't have years of friendship history keeping them from becoming something more...

Brimming with characters you can't help but fall for and off-the-charts chemistry, This Spells Love is a spellbinding friends-to-lovers, small-town rom-com.


‘You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll giggle and kick your feet' *****
‘I want to reread it every year because it's officially one of my comfort books' *****
‘A super cute romance with a parallel timeline twist' *****
'This book gives you all the warm and snuggly feelings’' *****


  • As smooth as an oat milk latte
    Jen DeLuca, bestselling author of Well Met

About the author

Kate Robb

Kate Robb is the author of two heart-melting romance novels, This Spells Love and Prime Time Romance. After dating a lot of duds (and a few gems) in her twenties, she found excellent fodder for the weird and wonderful romance novels she now writes. Kate lives just outside of Toronto, Canada, where she spends her free time pretending she's not a hockey mom while whispering "hustle" under her breath from the stands, a pinot grigio concealed in her YETI mug. She loves pugs, snowy mornings and that feeling you get when you first fall in love.
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