Daughter of Chaos

Daughter of Chaos


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Godkiller and The Priory of The Orange Tree meet Ariadne in this epic fantasy set in ancient Greece



In Ancient Greece, the Twelve Gods demand the ultimate tribute – food, treasure, even human sacrifice.

There are some mortals who cling to a desperate prophecy – telling of one to come who’ll set them free. But few truly believe it.

Until Danae, a fisherman's daughter, eats a mysterious golden apple. And suddenly, her life unravels and a strange and dangerous path unfolds before her.

Chased from her home, she neither understands nor fully controls her future. One which will find Danae walking the winding roads of heroes. There, she encounters and befriends the mighty demi-god, Heracles. Together, they will seek out monsters to battle.

But Danae’s destiny is not to fight beasts.

She will hunt the Gods.

She will drag them screaming from Olympus . . .

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About the author

A S Webb

A.S. Webb is a London based writer with a BA in English Literature and Theatre Studies from the University of Leeds. She is inspired by stories rooted in history and mythology, that push the boundaries of imagination and urge us to reflect on what it means to be human. Daughter of Chaos is her debut novel.
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