Jest a Minute: The Complete Series 1 and 2 Plus Specials

Jest a Minute: The Complete Series 1 and 2 Plus Specials

A BBC Radio Comedy Panel Game


Stand-up star Rhod Gilbert hosts the panel show about the serious business of comedy

The hilarious comic lovechild of A Question of Sport and QI, Jest a Minute is a light-hearted, lively show that quizzes leading comedians on their knowledge of comedy. Host Rhod Gilbert accepts no backchat and gives short shrift to cheek as he recklessly awards points based on how quick, agile and witty he considers the panellists to be.

In a series of fast-paced, chaotic rounds, they are tasked with answering quickfire questions on comedy history, sitcom titles, catchphrases and classic comedy films. There’s also a chance for some audience participation, as the teams pick a volunteer from the audience in a bid to find out who can tell the funniest joke, and a final buzzer round, in which Rhod reads out the start of a well-known gag (such as ‘What’s brown and sticky?’) and the contestants buzz in with their finest, funniest and most original punchlines.

Among the A-list talent taking part in these two series are Justin Moorhouse, Chris Corcoran, Lloyd Langford, Jarred Christmas, Jeremy Hardy, Tom Allen, Alun Cochrane, Sarah Millican, Lucy Porter, Milton Jones and Jon Richardson. Also included are three special episodes, recorded at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival and Green Man Festival in 2015 and 2016, featuring Elis James, Cariad Lloyd, Ed Gamble, Greg Davies, Holly Walsh, Rob Deering, Chris Corcoran, Paul Foot and Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

Production credits
Presented by Rhod Gilbert
Produced by Paul Forde and Gareth Gwynn

Series 1 featuring: Justin Moorhouse, Chris Corcoran, Jarred Christmas, Jeremy Hardy, Rob Deering, Tom Allen, Roger Monkhouse, Kirsten O'Brien, Alun Cochrane, Tom Wrigglesworth, Sarah Millican, Jeff Green, Greg Davies, Lucy Porter

Series 2 featuring: Chris Corcoran, Lloyd Langford, Rob Deering, Tom Craine. Markus Birdman, Steve Williams, Milton Jones, Lucy Porter, Elis James, Jon Richardson, Greg Davies, Eggsy, Paul Tonkinson, Tom Wrigglesworth

Jest a Minute in Machynlleth 2015 featuring: Elis James, Cariad Lloyd and Ed Gamble

Jest A Minute at Green Man Festival featuring: Greg Davies, Holly Walsh, Rob Deering and Chris Corcoran

Jest A Minute in Machynlleth 2016 featuring: Paul Foot, Rob Deering, Ed Gamble and Kiri Pritchard-McLean

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 25 August-29 September 2006 (Series 1), 10 December 2006-13 January 2007 (Series 2), 2 May 2015 (Jest a Minute at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2015), 22 August 2015 (Jest A Minute at Green Man Festival), 30 April 2016 (Jest a Minute at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2016)

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