• Wonderful, sharp, amusing, grippingly atmospheric. One of our most dazzling prose stylists

    Daily Telegraph
  • Dazzling . . . Sinclair's explorations by foot are highly engaging and anything but pedestrian

    Sunday Telegraph
  • Brilliant, superb. Anger drives the book forwards. Sinclair has gone from cult author to national treasure

    Robert Macfarlane, Guardian
  • Ghost Milk reads like a meld of poet Allen Ginsberg, comic books writer Alan Moore and an anarchists' message board . . . There is no doubt that Sinclair is original, observant, a wonderful phrase maker

    Evening Standard
  • A striking visual poetry and tart black comedy are extracted form even the most hopeless of London locations

  • A scorching 400-page diatribe against this and other "grand projects" . . . [Sinclair is] a crazily knowledgeable local historian with a shaman's grasp of strange energies, unseen ley lines, urban esoterica

    Independent Magazine

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