Doc Savage Thriller

by 2 books in this series
#1 - The Perfect Assassin
#1 - The Perfect Assassin
At this school, the first lesson is survival.

Dr Brandt Savage's plans for his sabbatical from the University of Chicago change drastically when he is enrolled in a school where he is the sole pupil.

His professor is relentless in her lessons. She's also his captor.

Savage is forced to undertake intense physical and mental training, with no idea why he was chosen or what is expected of him.

But as he learns more about his abductor, Savage discovers just how deeply entwined their lives are. And why, together, they must make a pledge:

Do right by all, and wrong to no one.
#2 - Murder Island
#2 - Murder Island
They thought they found heaven on earth. They discover a living hell.

When Brandt 'Doc' Savage and his girlfriend Kira land on a desert island in the middle of the Atlantic, they think they've found a perfect utopia. An escape from their tumultuous pasts.

But they don't have long to enjoy their new-found peace before they are violently separated and dragged to opposite ends of the earth.

As Doc searches the seas and continents for Kira, he discovers they are entangled in a global conspiracy that is bigger than he ever could have imagined.

Can Doc and Kira find each other before one of their many enemies catches them first?



'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades.' LEE CHILD

'James Patterson is The Boss. End of.' IAN RANKIN

'The master storyteller of our times' HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

'One of the greatest storytellers of all time' PATRICIA CORNWELL

'Patterson is in a class by himself' GUARDIAN

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