Masters of Rome

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Spanning sixty years of Roman history, Masters of Rome is Colleen McCullough's brilliant reimagining of the tumultuous years that led to the rise of Julius Caeser, his time in power and his ultimate demise.
#1 - First Man In Rome
#1 - First Man In Rome
The first book in the epic Masters of Rome series.

Rome. 110BC. A city which is home to Gaius Marius, prosperous but lowborn, a proud and disciplined soldier emboldened by his shrewdness and self-made wealth. It is also home to Lucius Cornelius Sulla, a handsome young aristocrat corrupted by powerty, a shameless pleasure seeker.

Two men of extraordinary vision, men of ruthless ambition, both blessed and cursed by the special favour of Fortune. men fated to lay the foundations of the most awesome empire ever known, and to play out a mighty struggle for power and glory - for Marius and Sulla share a formidable ambition: to become First Man in Rome.
#2 - The Grass Crown
#2 - The Grass Crown
The second book in the epic Masters of Rome series.

Rome. 97 BC. Gaius Marius is one of the greatest generals Rome has ever known. under him, Rome has conquered the Western world, withstood invasion and crushed its enemies. But when the ageing Marius grows weak, the stability of the mighty Republic looks uncertain.

Ambitious, tormented Lucius Cornelius Sulla, once Marius's right hand man, withdraws from his commander's circle to prepare his own bid for power. Marius is determined not to relinquish his control over the Republic, but with his closest ally now his most dangerous rival, the stakes are higher than ever before. And as a deadly enmity develops between the two men, Rome must fight its own battle for survival.
#3 - Fortune's Favourites
#3 - Fortune's Favourites
The third novel in the epic Masters of Rome series.

Fortune's Favourites witnesses the power, mastery and cunning of two enigmatic rulers of Rome - Sulla, returning from exile, and the 22-year-old Pompey, who designates himself Magnus 'the Great'. And in the background is the young soldier, Caesar, who begins to show the expert qualities that will one day culminate in him becoming an unparalleled leader of ancient Rome. And at the heart of this sumptuous tale is the unforgettable story of Spartacus and his doomed slave revolt - the true story, as no modern reader has ever before encountered it.
#4 - Caesar's Women
#4 - Caesar's Women
Book four in the epic Masters of Rome series.

Rome. 68 BC. Julius Caesar has proved himself a brilliant general. But when he returns to Rome he lays down arms only to take up another battle: this time for political power. This is a war waged with words, plots, schemes, metaphotical assassinations - but also with seduction and guile.

Love is just another weapon in Caesar's political arsenal, for the key to political glory lies with Rome's noblewomen: powerful, vindictive Servilia, whose son Brutus deeply resents his mother's passionate, destructive relationhshiop with Caesar; Rome's revered Vestal Virgins; and even Caesar's own daughter, sacrificed on the altar of his ambition.
#5 - Caesar
#5 - Caesar
The fifth book in the epic Masters of Rome series.

Gaul. 54 BC. Julius Caesar sweeps across Gaul, brutally subduing the united tribes who defy the Republic. But, at home, his enemies are orchestrating his downfall and disgrace. Vindictive schemers like Cato and Bibulus, the spineless Cicero, the avaricious Brutus. Even Pompey the Great, Caesar's former ally.

But all have underestimated Caesar. And when the Senate refuse to give him his due he marches upon his own country, an army prepared to die for him at his back. For rome is his destiny - a destiny that will impel him triumphantly on to the banks of the Rubicon, and beyond, into legend, as the noblest Roman of them all.
#6 - The October Horse
#6 - The October Horse
Let international bestselling author Colleen McCullough transport you back in time to Rome to 48 BC: scene of one of the greatest political battles and one of the most passionate love affairs of all time. This is an evocative and enthralling historical novel that will have you gripped. Fans of Conn Iggulden, Madeleine Miller and Simon Scarrow will not be disappointed.

'An enormous rich mountain of a book, which will appeal to people who like their history in great succulent dollops' -- Sunday Times

'Incomparable... Engrossing... Breathtakingly detailed... McCullough has triumphed again' -- Chicago Tribune
'Intrigue, political manoeuvring, grandstanding, gossip, sex, both affectionate and calculated, and wholesale slaughter... McCullough works to charge history with the current of personality.' -- Booklist
'A really engrossing read' -- ***** Reader review
'A masterpiece' -- ***** Reader review
'In a peerless class of its own' -- ***** Reader review
'Entertaining and engrossing' -- ***** Reader review


Rome, 48 BC: Julius Caesar is in the prime of his life and at the height of his powers.

But behind the myth lies a man beset with contradictions - happily married, he is also the lover of the enigmatic Egyptian queen, Cleopatra; a great general, he wishes to bring to an end Rome's endless wars; conscious of his own power and contemptuous of lesser men, he is determined not to be worshipped as a living god or crowned emperor.
But Caesar is a man whose very greatness attracts envy and jealousy to a dangerous degree, and as the political intrigues which surround him reach their climax, his destruction becomes inevitable...

The October Horse is the sixth book in the Masters of Rome series.

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