Tiny Dogs

by 2 books in this series
#1 - Tiny Dogs: Bea’s Secret Friends
#1 - Tiny Dogs: Bea’s Secret Friends
Bea and her mum are moving in with her grandparents, which will mean a new school, new friends, and big changes for Bea. . .

All Bea can remember about Granny and Grandad's house is their big, beautiful garden with its colourful flowers and secret hide-and-seek spots, but when Bea and her mum arrive, the garden has grown sad and neglected.

The wild garden feels like the perfect place for Bea to hide away from all the changes in her life, but when she hears a strange noise in the long grass, she can't quite believe what she finds. . .


Follow the adventures of Bea and the tiny dogs as they become friends and work together to save the garden!
#2 - Tiny Dogs: The Lost School Pet
#2 - Tiny Dogs: The Lost School Pet
The big day has arrived. . . It's Bea's first day at her new school.

She's nervous about starting a new school and making new friends but with the help of her tiny dog friends cheering her on, Bea's confidence blooms.

She quickly learns how to make new friends and her first day at her brand-new school is a breeze, until Bamboo the class hamster goes missing and Bea was the last person to play with him. . .

Join the FIND BAMBOO club and earn your Animal Hero badge with Bea and the tiny dogs as they work together to find Bamboo!

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