The Webster Family Trilogy

by 3 books in this series
#1 - The Winter Child
#1 - The Winter Child
Bermondsey, London, 1913

Little Rose Webster's life has never been easy. Born in the slums of Bermondsey she has longed to escape her poor upbringing and violent step-father. Yet these deprived streets are not so easily fled.

Thankfully she has a quick mind and her insatiable thirst for knowledge means she excels at school - perhaps she has a future.

But Rose's chances of improving her lot are shattered when she is forced to leave school and find work. As the doors to her dreams are slammed shut she has nothing to cling to but hope.

And as a dark figure from her past threatens further turmoil, this winter's child fears she will never see the spring . . .
#2 - The Spitfire Sweetheart
#2 - The Spitfire Sweetheart
September, 1939.

In the sleepy village of Roehampton, Annie Webster has finally found comfort for herself and her close-knit family, far from the poverty and hardships of their childhood in Bermondsey.

Then, an announcement shatters their newfound peace. England is at war . . .

As her brothers enlist for duty, Annie sacrifices her glamorous job in London for the urgent work of the WAAF, where women of all backgrounds pull together tirelessly for the war effort.

Brave, resourceful and determined to do her bit for her country, Annie quickly catches the eye of a dashing officer, and a daring new role emerges.

But as the war darkens around her and tragedy looms, this spitfire sweetheart will soon learn that hardest task of all is finding peace in her heart . . .
#3 - Her Mother's Daughter
#3 - Her Mother's Daughter
Following the bestselling The Winter Child and The Spitfire Sweetheart, Her Mother's Daughter is the third and final instalment of the charming Webster family trilogy.

Kate Freeman, the daughter of the inimitable Rose Webster, is like her mother in more ways than one. But Kate has dreams of her own, dreams that could bring joy but might bring sorrow. In 1960, Kate moves to London to become a photographer: she has her mother's strength to guide her, but is that enough?

With a long journey ahead of her and a lot of growing up to do, Kate will be put to the test. For her, her family and friends, the era that was dubbed "a time of peace" proves to be anything but. Tragedy, upheaval, and the tears and laughter of family life await . . .

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