The Wars of the Roses

by 4 books in this series
The Houses of Lancaster and York are waging their infamous dynastic war. With the infant king Henry VI and his fiery wife Margaret of Anjou on one side and Richard Duke of York and his sons on the other, this lengthy power struggle transformed Britain, and Conn Iggulden has transformed this history.

The Wars of the Roses series is a four part epic.
#1 - Stormbird
#1 - Stormbird

King Henry V - the great Lion of England - is dead.

It's up to his son to take the throne, but frail in body and mind, he is dependent on his supporters to run his kingdom.

Richard, Duke of York, believes that without a strong king England will fall.

And as the threat from France grows, and rebellion on home soil spreads, his fears seem justified.

Who can save the throne?

Who will defend the kingdom?

Praise for Conn Iggulden:

'This is energetic, competent stuff; Iggulden knows his material and his audience' Independent

'Iggulden is in a class of his own when it comes to epic, historical fiction' Daily Mirror

'An absolutely cracking story' The Times

Conn Iggulden, Sunday Times bestseller, June 2023
#2 - Trinity
#2 - Trinity
1454: King Henry VI has remained all but exiled in Windsor Castle, struck down by illness for over a year.

Meanwhile his fiercely loyal wife and Queen, Margaret of Anjou, safeguards her husband's interests.

Richard Duke of York, Protector of the Realm, extends his influence throughout the kingdom with each month that Henry slumbers. The Earls of Salisbury and Warwick make up a formidable trinity with Richard, and together they seek to break the support of Henry.

But when the King unexpectedly recovers his senses and returns to London, the balance of power is once again thrown into turmoil.
#3 - Bloodline
#3 - Bloodline
- Winter 1461 -

Richard Duke of York is dead, his ambitions in ruins, his head spiked on the walls of York city.

King Henry VI is still held prisoner. His Lancastrian queen rides south with an army of northerners, accompanied by warriors from the Scottish Highlands. Margaret and her army seem unstoppable. But his death has unleashed York's sons.

Edward of March, now Duke of York, proclaims himself England's rightful king. Through blood and treason, broken men and vengeful women, brother shall confront brother, king shall face king.

Two men may claim a crown.
Only one can keep it.
#4 - Ravenspur
#4 - Ravenspur
The exiled Yorkist king Edward IV lands at Ravenspur with a half-drowned army and his brother Richard at his side. Though every hand is against them, though every city gate is shut, the York brothers will not go quietly into banishment. Instead, they choose to attack.

Yet, far away, Henry Tudor has become a man, and his claim will carry him to Bosworth Field.There will be silence and the mourning of queens. There will be self-sacrifice and terrible betrayals. Two royal princes will be put to death. There will be an ending- and a new royal house will stand over them all.

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