Wilder Than Midnight

by 2 books in this series
#1 - Wilder than Midnight
#1 - Wilder than Midnight
Silverthorne is a place of secrets and stories. A forest full of twisting paths and tangled thorns. A castle with locked towers and murmurs of tragedy. A village trapped between terrors known and whispered. And something is stirring in the leaves . . .

Saffy is a good girl, tired of being told to stick to the forest paths, and always follow the rules.
Aurelia is a hidden girl, locked in a castle tower, dreaming of escaping the fate she's told awaits her.
Wild Rose is a fearless girl, raised by wolves, full of spells and cunning.

Together, they will change Silverthorne forever.
#2 - Swifter than Starlight
#2 - Swifter than Starlight
Long ago, on a winter's eve, two sisters walked into a wolf-wild wood but only one returned. . .

The Faraway Wood is full of twisting thorns and sharp teeth. Stirring with myth and music. It's the perfect place for bandits, thieves and secrets to hide.

Until a prince goes missing.

Lilac is a strong girl, happy with her found family, yet searching for her sister.
Clover is a determined girl, eager to find what's been lost to her, though scared to leave her village.
Hester is a smart girl, one step ahead of trouble, and ready for adventure.

Together, they will unite the realm.

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