Read boldly. Think differently. 

Vintage is made up of all kinds of people, but what connects us is our love of books. We publish some of the most thought-provoking, unforgettable, beautifully designed books - from contemporary trailblazers to our red spine Vintage Classics.  

And we’re passionate about working with you - social media creators, booksellers, reviewers and partners - to make sure those books reach as many readers as possible. 

What is Vintage Influencers?

If you’re a social media creator, bookseller, journalist, publishing professional, reviewer or brand partner, signing up to Vintage Influencers is a great way to stay in-the-know about Vintage books. You’ll receive a regular email from Vintage, with information on new proofs that are available to request, early updates about our future publishing and – sometimes – access to exclusives like events or unreleased extracts. Occasionally, Vintage marketers or publicists might also reach out to you directly regarding a specific book that they think you might like. You can opt out at any time.

Can I sign up? 

To sign up to Vintage Influencers, you must be: 
- Based in the UK or Ireland 
- Aged 18+

And either: 
- A social media creator
- OR a bookseller / book retailer 
- OR a journalist 
- OR a publishing professional 
- OR an online reviewer
- OR a Vintage brand partner 
I’m a bookseller without a social media following.  Can I sign up? 
Yes, absolutely.  Booksellers, publishing professionals, brand partners and journalists do not need to have a social media following to sign up. 
Do you only work with social media creators who are book influencers (e.g. BookTokers or Bookstagrammers) or do you work with creators in other areas? 
We love working with book influencers, but we’re also interested in working with influencers whose content doesn’t always focus on books. If you and your audience have an interest in books and you meet our eligibility criteria, sign up!

Proofs and reading copies

How do I request proofs (advance reading copies) of books? 

Sign up to the Vintage Influencers newsletter to be notified monthly when there are new proofs available to request.

Program requirements

Are there any guidelines about receiving advance reading copies?

We ask that if you receive a proof copy, you submit a review of the title either via your social media channels, Goodreads, Amazon, or your platform of choice within one month of the on-sale date and share with the Influencer team to remain in good standing with the program. As there are limited copies to go around, we want to make sure they're reaching the people most excited about them!

Engagement within the program affects future galley selections.

Our Privacy Policy

Where else can I hear about Vintage books and authors?

You can follow us on our social media channels.

Instagram: @vintagebooks
TikTok: @vintageukbooks
Twitter: @vintagebooks
Facebook: @vintagebooks
Or visit our website:

I would like to enquire about another title.  Who should I contact?

I work for a brand and would like to talk to somebody about a potential brand partnership.  Who should I contact? 

Please email with the subject line “Brand Partnership” and your query will be sent to our Brand team.

Sign up to Vintage Influencers here: