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A colourful illustration of multiple fictionalised worlds, with a question mark in the centre

Penguin quiz: what fictional world would you belong in best?

When you escape into a book, it’s into a world all its own: in a different time, across the globe or in a purely fictitious place of the author’s imagining. To which novel’s universe are you best suited?

Part of the joy of reading is that it allows us to enter different spheres of existence: we can travel across the globe, through time, and enter fantastical worlds that, for all their differences, in some way reflect important aspects of our own. And, of course, we all have preferences of our own, ways we like to live that are either facilitated or hampered by our environs. But what if we could live in any book we wanted, in the world created by its author? Into which would you best fit?

The quiz below is designed to figure out just that, whether it’s a real-world time and place or a fully imagined universe. So: what classic novel's world would you fit into best?


Illustration above: Victoria Ibbetson/Penguin

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