Topsy and Tim: On the Farm

Topsy and Tim: On the Farm was one of the twins’ very first adventures! And over half a century later, their visit to the farm is just as exciting. Pick up this anniversary edition with original artwork, and explore the many things to see and help the farmer with, including collecting eggs and feeding a calf. This is a lovely story to get children excited about their first farm visit.

Topsy and Tim Move House

Topsy and Tim are preparing to move house and there’s lots to do. The curtains need to be taken down, the toys need to be sorted and there are lots of questions to think about too: how will they all like living in the new house? Will they miss their old one? And what will their cat, Kitty, and dog, Roly Poly, make of it all? Moving can be a daunting experience but as this fun book shows, it can be an exciting one too.

Topsy and Tim Go to the Dentist

Topsy and Tim have never been to the dentist before. They’re not sure what to expect, but once they meet the friendly dentist, Mrs Berry, they realise there is no need to be frightened. After she has checked their teeth to make sure they’re nice and healthy, Mrs Berry shows Topsy and Tim how to look after them at home – and just why keeping our teeth clean and well-cared for is so important. This is a great book to help encourage your own tots to keep their teeth nice and clean!

Topsy and Tim Go on a Train

Topsy and Tim are off to visit Granny and Mummy is taking them on the train for the very first time. What an adventure – from the busy station to the big train, there’s so much to see and do. Tickets need showing, suitcases need towing, there are windows to look out of and tunnels to go through. If you’re planning a journey or trip with your little one, this is a great way to introduce them to the excitement of travel.

Topsy and Tim Have Their Eyes Tested

The children in Topsy and Tim’s class are getting their eyes tested. There’s a special tool to check their eyes are healthy and some pictures to study so they can say what they see.  If your child needs their eyes tested or is ready for glasses, this reassuring story will help introduce them to the idea in a gentle manner.

Topsy and Tim Start School

Topsy and Tim cover the fundamentals of day one at ‘big school’ in this book that focuses on one of the biggest milestones for all children. They will instantly recognise these trustworthy characters, feeling reassured that their favourite duo has gone through the same routines that they too will face at school. Most importantly, Topsy and Tim teach children that school can be really fun – with new friends to be made and exciting new things to learn!

Topsy and Tim Go Green

When Topsy and Tim are upset to learn about the damage being done to the planet, Mummy and Dad show them some great ways to help protect it – including recycling their used rubbish and even shopping responsibly. This timely and relevant eBook will help the youngest of tots easily understand the big message of why looking after the environment is so important.

Topsy and Tim Go on an Aeroplane

Topsy and Tim are going on an aeroplane adventure. It’s the first time they’ve been to an airport or boarded a plane and there’s a lot to learn! Flying above the clouds is fun, lunch comes in a funny tray and the stewardess Topsy and Tim meet is very nice. But aeroplane journeys can be very long… If you’re planning a trip abroad, this is a great book to help prepare your child for their first flight experience.

Topsy and Tim Learn to Swim

Going to the swimming pool can be a bit daunting when you’ve never dipped a toe in the water. This book follows Topsy and Tim from their first swimming classes, right through to their first swimming competition. It’s a wonderful way to introduce a child to the idea of formal lessons. In this story, Topsy and Tim are ready to jump right in and learn how to swim – even when it means taking off their armbands.

Topsy and Tim The New Baby

Topsy and Tim’s friend Tony has a new baby brother called Jack. Having a baby in the house is a big adjustment and at first, Tony is a little bit jealous. But, with the help of his family and friends, Tony learns how to be a thoughtful big brother. Perfect for any child anticipating the arrival of a new baby, this story will help you prepare together and give them an idea of what to expect.

Topsy and Tim Go to Hospital

Oh dear – poor Tim has fallen out of a tree and bumped his head, so he has to go to the hospital. At first, it’s a bit scary, but when he realises how nice and kind all the doctors and nurses are he soon settles in. Plus, there are lots of other children on the ward to play with, so there’s no chance of getting bored! This is a reassuring introduction to the idea of staying in a hospital or even visiting relatives in care.

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