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Make some disgusting slime inspired by The Creakers

Mix up some rotsome slime with your fellow Creaker Catchers using this fun how-to. Things are about to get messy!

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Warning - do not eat this slime, it really is rotsome!

You will need:

•  A large mixing bowl

  A spoon

•  A mug

•  Some cornflour

•  Water

Some bright green food colouring

How to make it: 

1. Mix the cornflour and the water in the bowl starting with two parts cornflour to one part water

mixing flour

2. Mix well!

mixture. flour, slime

3. If you’d like thicker, gooier slime, then add some more cornflour.

mixture complete

4. Mix in two tablespoons of grisly green food colouring. Add as much as you want until it’s really slime-like! YUKKKK, now you have the ickiest, stickiest, slimiest slime.

finished article

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