Camp Jupiter Classified
  • Camp Jupiter Classified

  • *A brand-new story in the world of Rick Riordan!*

    Time to discover what's been going on at Camp Jupiter . . .

    It's the February after Gaea's defeat. Camp Jupiter, like everyone else, should be celebrating.

    But something is causing chaos.

    Mysterious, sinister incidents are wreaking havoc throughout the camp. Tensions are high, and suspicion quickly falls on Claudia, the Fourth Cohort's newest probatio. After all, the mischief started shortly after she stumbled into camp.

    To find out the truth, delve into the pages of Claudia's personal journal. Through her eyewitness accounts, you'll visit the crime scenes - a row of seats in the coliseum, an underground aqueduct tunnel - and see the bizarre events unfold . . .

    And you'll be right alongside Claudia when she discovers an ancient secret that may hold the key to Camp Jupiter's safety.

RELEASED 07/05/2020

Rick Riordan, dubbed 'storyteller of the gods' by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five New York Times number-one bestselling book series with millions of copies sold throughout the world: Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo, based on Greek and Roman mythology; the Kane Chronicles, based on Egyptian mythology; and Magnus Chase, based on Norse mythology. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick's first novel featuring the heroic young demigod, won the Red House Children's Book Award and - along with the sequel, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - was a blockbuster film franchise starring Logan Lerman To learn more about Rick and his books, you can visit him at or follow him on Twitter @camphalfblood.