• "One of the greatest novels which our troubled age will produce"

  • "A sparse, masculine, world-weary meditation on death, ideology and the savagery of war in general, and the Spanish civil war in particular"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "For Whom the Bell Tolls allowed us to actually see the experience of an irregular struggle, from the political and military point of view...That book became a familiar part of my life. And we always went back to it, consulted it, to find inspiration"

    Fidel Castro, Observer
  • "I read as a kid, of course, but it didn't get me like that till I read For Whom the Bell Tolls. I was very taken with that book. I still reread sections, though I'm now reading it not for the thrill of the story but for the technique and craft of it."

    Gene Wilder, Daily Mail
  • "The best book Hemingway has written"

    New York Times

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