• "One of the most pleasurable, engrossing, and in retrospect moving American novels ever written… The most criminally overlooked great novel of the past half century is a book called Something Happened"

    LA Review of Books
  • "It is splendidly put together and hypnotic to read. It is as clear and hard-edged as a cut diamond. Mr. Heller's concentration and patience are so evident on every page that one can only say that "Something Happened" is at all points precisely what he hoped it would be"

    Kurt Vonnegut
  • "I used to think Catch-22 was my best novel until I read Kurt Vonnegut's review of Something Happened. Now I think Something Happened is"

    Joseph Heller
  • "A supremely controlled and meticulous masterpiece, grounded in the horror of daily living"

    John Self, Guardian