Martha Gellhorn

A Life

Caroline Moorehead

Martha Gelhorn's journalism tracks many of the flashpoints of the twentieth century; as a young woman she witnessed the suffering of the American Depression and risked her life in the Spanish Civil War. Her dispatches from the front made her a legend, yet her private was often messy and volcanic.

Her determination to be a war correspondent - and her conspicuous success - contributed to the breakdown of her infamously stormy marriage to Ernest Hemingway. In this mesmerising biography of a life that spanned the twentieth century, Moorehead reveals how passionately Martha fought against injustice, and how determined she was to catch the human story.

  • Vintage
  • Published 3rd June 2004
  • 560 Pages
  • 129mm x 198mm x 35mm
  • 407g
  • £12.99