• "As Iran enters another important period of change...I think this is particularly good time to pick up Persepolis. Satrapi's deceptively simple, almost whimsical drawings belie the seriousness and rich complexity of her story - but its also very funny too"

    Emma Watson, Our Shared Shelf
  • "A will remember it for a very long time"

    Mark Haddon
  • "Persepolis is a stylish, clever and moving weapon of mass destruction"

    David Jenkins, Sunday Telegraph
  • "The magic of Marjane Satrapi's work is that it can condense a whole country's tragedy into one poignant, funny scene after another"

    Natasha Walter, Independent on Sunday
  • "I cannot praise enough Marjane Satrapi's moving account of growing up as a spirited young girl in revolutionary and war-time Iran. Persepolis is disarming and often humorous but ultimately it is shattering"

    Joe Sacco