• "An engrossing and thrilling story, written with all the insight you would expect from these authors. Complemented by full colour photos of our galaxy and many pages of scientific facts, this is a really good read."

    Parents In Touch
  • "World famous scientist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy have created a third amazing adventure cleverly blended with real science...The latest theories of time travel and the Big Bang are all included in this great adventure which is brought vividly to life in the full colour photos of real images from space."

    Julia Eccleshare, Love Reading 4 Kids
  • "This gripping adventure sets your mind racing from the very first page. Add to that the equally as fascinating scientific facts provided by Stephen Hawking and what you have is a really great book to read."

    Scribbler Magazine
  • "

    For any children 9 years and over who are interested in science and space, this book would be a fantastic read...Great for those children who want a book to read that really makes them think.
    Although the science can be a bit complicated for children, the book also contains a series of brilliant factual sections... There are also several very interesting, child-friendly essays on the latest scientific theories, written by scientists such as Dr Stephen Hawking. Finally, as is all that wasn't enough, there are also lots of beautiful colour picture sections full of amazing photos of Earth, galaxies and our Solar System. This is a really good book, perfect for older children, with a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. Children will learn a great deal from the factual sections as well as enjoying a really exciting story. I would highly recommend it...Hopefully it will inspire the next generation of scientists.


    The School Run
  • "Taken for its story alone, these tales are rich enough to appeal to children of nearly all ages (and that's not a small claim), but there's more. As you might expect from a father and daughter team with the name of Hawking, there are some super powerful physics lessons embedded into both the plot, and as added nonfiction "further" information through the story. It's written at a perfect pitch for children - neither too complex to understand, nor too "dumbed down" to excite. Throughout each of the books, there's a palpable underlying sense of wonder in the point of discovery we're now at with physics, and children (adults too) will certainly feel that...A book like this could spark a love of science that might last a lifetime, but even at its simplest level, it's a great story... Either way, it's a fun filled ride full of drama, action, and above all, discovery."

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