Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars

Kes Gray, Garry Parsons (Illustrator), Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

No matter the occasion, Daisy just can't help getting into trouble!

When three actual burglaries happen in Daisy’s town, Daisy is beside herself with excitement. Two houses and the fish and chip shop have been broken into (and lots of cods and haddocks have been stolen). Anyone could be next!

Daisy wants to help. Together with Gabby and Dylan, she forms her own detective agency. Armed with a notebook, a magnifying glass, a camera and a box of icing sugar, she sets out on the burglars' trail.

Trouble is, detective work is hard when you're not allowed to go further than the end of the road . . .

  • Red Fox
  • Published 1st August 2013
  • 304 Pages
  • 130mm x 177mm x 18mm
  • 194g
  • £5.99