• "My favourite biography is Nancy Mitford's Madame de Pompadour - a famous 18th-century French beauty who became Louis XV's mistress. The secret of a good biography is not just to tell the person's story but to create the world in which they lived."

    Julian Fellowes, Daily Express
  • "Mitford brings warmth to everything she touches, and her biography of Madame de Pompadour is testimony to that"

    Justine Picardie, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Reads as if an enchantingly clever woman was pouring out the story to me on the telephone"

    Raymond Mortimer
  • "Nancy Mitford excels in depicting both the brilliant romantic showcase and the recessed world of power... No historian writing in English has given a better pen-picture of Versailles in its heyday"

  • "Incontestably her best book, Madame de Pompadour is beautifully written in a rapid, nervous, gay and enthusiastic manner which carries the reader through from first page to last"

    Cyril Connolly, Sunday Times