The Zombie Combat Manual

The Zombie Combat Manual

A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead


The Zombie Combat Manual is a comprehensive guide that demonstrates how anyone, from seasoned fighter to average citizen, can become an effective warrior in the inevitable battle against the undead.

With detailed illustrations and firsthand accounts from zombie combat veterans, this manual provides readers with the information they need to emerge victoriously from a close combat encounter with a walking corpse. Now is the time to learn how to survive a hand-to-hand battle against the advancing army of the undead-before humans fall prey to their growing ranks.


  • The Zombie Combat Manual kicks undead ass! Roger Ma saves the day with this smart, funny, and thoroughly practical book on fighting the living dead. Now we have a chance!
    Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Patient Zero and Zombie CSU, and member of the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

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Roger Ma

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