Fancy Bear Goes Phishing

Fancy Bear Goes Phishing

The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks


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It's a signal paradox of our times that we live in an information society but do not know how it works. And without understanding how our information is stored, used and protected, we are vulnerable to having it exploited. In Fancy Bear Goes Phishing, Scott Shapiro exposes the secrets of the digital age. With lucidity and wit, he establishes that cybercrime has less to do with defective programming than with the faulty wiring of our psyches and society. And because hacking is a human story, he tells the fascinating tales of perpetrators including Robert Morris Jr, the graduate student who accidentally crashed the internet in the 1980s, and the Bulgarian 'Dark Avenger' who invented the first mutating computer-virus engine. We also meet a sixteen-year-old from South Boston who took control of Paris Hilton's cell phone and the Russian intelligence officers who sought to take control of a US election, among others.

In telling their stories, Shapiro exposes the hackers' tool kits and gives fresh answers to vital questions: why is the internet so vulnerable? What can we do in response? The result is a lively and original account of the future of hacking, espionage and war, and of how to live in an era of cybercrime.

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  • When does cyber-espionage tip into cybercrime or even cyber-warfare? ... Scott Shapiro is well-placed to tackle these quandaries ... masterful ... His narrative zips between technical explanations, legal reasoning and the ideas of thinkers including René Descartes and Alan Turing ... making the subject intelligible to non-specialist readers

About the author

Scott Shapiro

Scott J. Shapiro is the Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at Yale Law School, where he is the Director of the Centre for Law and Philosophy and the CyberSecurity Lab. He is also the Visiting Quain Professor of Jurisprudence at University College, London. He is the author of Legality and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and the Philosophy of Law, and the co-author, with Oona Hathaway, of The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the World.
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