The Margrave: Book Of The Crow 4

The Margrave: Book Of The Crow 4


In this fourth and final volume of the Book of the Crow, Galen is determined to fulfil his promise - to find and destroy the dreaded Margrave, leader of the Watch. Soon the terrible quest leads him into the Pit of Maar and the deep evil world at the heart of the Watch. Down there he finds the Margrave and learns its true identity. But he also discovers what it really wants... Raffi!This fantastic sequence of books is compelling to the very last page.


  • A terrific read, deftly bringing together the strands of a complex, four-volume mix of fantasy and science-fiction and tying up the ends. It knocks down all the skittles at once - a believable, fascinating world, great characters, skilful plotting, universal themes
    Tony Bradman

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Catherine Fisher

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