The 3rd Degree: Series 9

The 3rd Degree: Series 9

The BBC Radio 4 Comedy Quiz Show
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A quiz show hosted by Steve Punt where a team of three University students take on a team of three of their professors.

The show is recorded on location at a different University each week, and it pits three Undergraduates against three of their Professors in a genuinely original and fresh take on an academic quiz

The rounds vary between Specialist Subjects and General Knowledge, quickfire bell-and-buzzer rounds and the ‘Highbrow & Lowbrow’ round cunningly devised to test not only the students’ knowledge of current affairs, history, languages and science, but also their Professors’ awareness of television, sport, and quite possibly Justin Bieber… In addition, the Head-to-Head rounds, in which students take on their Professors in their own subjects, offer plenty of scope for mild embarrassment on both sides...

In this series, the universities are Royal Holloway (University of London), Aberdeen, Plymouth, St Catharine’s College Cambridge, Brighton and Oxford Brookes

In the first episode, we’re at Royal Holloway, University of London. The Specialist Subjects are Criminology, English and Law and the questions range from Louis XIV to Lego via yowling and yodelling... Show 2 comes from the University of Aberdeen; the Specialist Subjects are Law, Language & Linguistics and Music and the questions range from Scottish Gaelic fishing jargon to Scottish Stop & Search Law via mallets, marimbas and a dead pigeon. The third show is at the University of Plymouth where the Specialist Subjects are History, Geology and Human Biosciences and the questions range from deadly jellyfish to glowing jellyfish via Jack Straw, Krishna and Planck’s Constant...

The fourth show in the series comes from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.
The Specialist Subjects are Geography, French and Veterinary Medicine and the questions range from French gender to horse teeth via James Bond and Dick Dastardly. Show 5 comes from the University of Brighton - the Specialist Subjects are Biomedical Sciences, Marketing and History & Globalization and the questions range from Chinese state infrastructure to the heraldic name for a squirrel via Trypanosoma and tzatziki. And the final show comes from Oxford Brookes University. The Specialist Subjects are Anthropology, Motorsport Engineering and Human Biology & Biological Sciences and the questions range from myelinated axons to the Neolithic Revolution via Wendy Houses and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Hosted by Steve Punt
Devised & produced by David Tyler
A Pozzitive production for the BBC

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