Sparkle and Splodge

Sparkle and Splodge

A positive picture book about celebrating differences and learning from others


Sparkle and Splodge are opposites. Sparkle likes everything neat! Splodge loves mess!

But when Splodge's crayons are lost, can Sparkle face their worries and help Splodge to find the missing crayons?

This positive picture book celebrates the importance of creative fun, making mistakes, and learning from others.

About the author

Neil Clark

Neil Clark is a music-loving, star-gazing illustrator and author. His rural upbringing, in the Yorkshire Wolds, fuelled a playful imagination and a love of storytelling. This, combined with a degree in Illustration & Animation, led to a successful career in design. After years of creating products for clients around the globe, Neil has found his happy place, writing and illustrating children's books.
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