Brett Westwood’s Living World from the Archives

Brett Westwood’s Living World from the Archives

A BBC Radio 4 nature series


Wildlife presenter Brett Westwood revisits selected highlights from the Living World archive

Since 1968, the BBC's iconic Living World has been introducing listeners to the best natural history Britain has to offer. Its veteran presenters have criss-crossed the country in all weathers and through all terrains, in search of remarkable species and extraordinary stories.

Introduced and updated by Brett Westwood, these classic archive programmes are hosted by Lionel Kelleway, Trai Anfield, Chris Sperring, Paul Evans, Peter France, Joanna Pinnock, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Sarah Pitt and Brett himself. Each show is filmed on location, in places ranging from Dartmoor to the Celtic rainforest, and features a guest naturalist eager to share their expertise with the presenters and us.

Together, they uncover an array of natural wonders, including the elegant black-tailed godwit, the enigmatic glow worm and the industrious mason bee that makes its nest in a snail shell. They also hunt for adders in Loch Lomond, experience the sights and sounds of a Sika deer rut and a starling eruption, witness the small bands of Red Admiral butterflies flying in from the sea and find that night time is the right time for mountain hares.

Immersive, inviting and informative, this specially curated collection will provide fascinating insight into Britain's wonderful wildlife, and inspire you to seek out your own encounters with nature.

Production credits
Produced by Andrew Dawes

Episode guide

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:

Nest Finder of Dartmoor 11 June 2017
Presented by Lionel Kelleway with Mark Lawrence
Adders of Loch Lomond 18 June 2017
Presented by Trai Anfield with Chris McInerny
A Shell Nesting Bee 2 July 2017
Presented by Trai Anfield with John Walters
Glow Worms 9 July 2017
Presented by Chris Sperring with Robin Scagell
Waxcap Grasslands 24 September 2017
Presented by Paul Evans with Dr Gareth Griffiths and Bruce Langridge
The Late Arrivals 8 October 2017
Presented by Lionel Kelleway with Richard Fox
Sika Deer 22 October 2017
Presented by Lionel Kelleway with Dr Anita Diaz
Godwits 17 December 2017
Presented by Chris Sperring with Pete Potts
Ancient Holly 24 December 2017
Presented by Joanna Pinnock with Sara Bellis and Carl Pickup
Ponds in Winter 31 December 2017
Presented by Miranda Krestovnikoff with Jeremy Biggs
Mountain Hares 7 January 2018
Presented by Sarah Pitt with Derek Yaldon
The Snowdrop 4 March 2018
Presented by Brett Westwood with Christine Skelmesdale
A Starling Eruption 11 March 2018
Presented by Trai Anfield and Simon Clarke
Essex Geese 18 March 2018
Presented by Peter France with Graeme Underwood and Chris Tyas
The Celtic Rainforest 25 March 2018
Presented by Paul Evans with Ray Woods

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About the authors

Brett Westwood

Brett Westwood is a radio presenter and author, specialising in natural history. He is a regular presenter of natural history programmes on BBC Radio 4, several of which are available in Real Audio format from the BBC website. He is active in the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and for the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre, which cover the area around his home in Stourbridge.
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Lionel Kelleway

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Trai Anfield

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Chris Sperring

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Paul Evans

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Peter France

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Joanna Pinnock

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Miranda Krestovnikoff

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Sarah Pitt

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