What am I Missing?

What am I Missing?

Discover the Four Blind Spots That are Holding You Back, and How to Overcome Them


One of the UK’s best-loved psychotherapists reveals the blind spots that are clouding our judgement and affecting our relationships, and shares the tools to overcome them

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or relative that’s hit a nerve and you can’t figure out why it bothered you so much? Over the course of her 15-year career, Emma has discovered that the root of this pain and confusion often lies in a blind spot: a gap in our awareness that distorts how we perceive ourselves and our loved ones which, left unchallenged, can leave us feeling unloved, insecure or overwhelmed.

In What am I Missing? Emma reveals the four blind spot profiles along with client case studies to demonstrate how they show up in daily life, and exercises to help us see past them:

Are you THE GLADIATOR, determined but missing trust?

THE BRIDGE, easy-going but missing authenticity?

THE HUSTLER, charming but missing self-worth?

Or THE ROCK, resilient but missing boundaries?

Like sitting with your own therapist, What am I Missing? will help you understand yourself and your loved ones better than ever before, and gives you the keys to a happier life.


‘This book changed my life' Elizabeth Day

‘Beautifully observed, insightful and validating’ Julia Samuel

'Gently powerful, helpful and hopeful' Anna Mathur


  • Everyone should read What am I Missing?
    Dr Alex George, Stompcast

About the author

Emma Reed Turrell

Emma Reed Turrell is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker and podcaster. She runs a busy private practice alongside co-hosting the Best Friend Therapy podcast with Elizabeth Day. Emma lives in Winchester with her husband, two children and two golden retrievers. Her first book Please Yourself focused on people-pleasing, What am I Missing? is her second book.
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