How to Eat (And Still Lose Weight)

How to Eat (And Still Lose Weight)

A Science-backed Guide to Nutrition and Health


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Most diets fail because they rely on willpower alone. In this book surgeon and expert on metabolism Dr Andrew Jenkinson shows you how to unlock the secret to lasting weight loss through a better understanding of your
brain, body and environment, allowing you to eat well and lose weight, forever.

Using a combination of cutting-edge metabolic science, together with strategies like aversion, habit creation and mental reprogramming, expert in the science of appetite Dr Andrew Jenkinson will show you how your body and brain work when it comes to what you eat, and how to arm yourself against the malicious presence of food marketing, junk food and the harmful effects of the Western diet.

You will learn:
· Why exercise is of secondary importance to energy balance
· How we can learn to 'crave surf', being more mindful of hunger cravings when they arise
· How junk foods affect our brains, influencing our behaviour and creating bad habits
· How to maintain a good metabolic rate when losing weight
· The science behind popular weight loss techniques and why they work, including hot water and lemon; raw foods; time restricted eating; keto diets and high intensity training

Filled with science-backed tips and techniques, this book will help you implement lasting changes, eat well and feel good.

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  • Andrew Jenkinson brilliantly unravels the complex web of modern nutrition and its impact on our health. As someone who has navigated the challenging journey of weight loss, I find Jenkinson's insights both profound and practical ... This book is not just about eating right; it’s a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with weight issues, offering a path to a healthier, more balanced life.
    Tom Watson, author of ‘Downsizing’ and advocate for healthier living

About the author

Andrew Jenkinson

Dr Andrew Jenkinson is a consultant surgeon with a special interest in advanced laparoscopic, or keyhole surgery. He is part of an expert team developing advances in gastrointestinal (stomach and bowel) surgery at University College Hospital in Bloomsbury, central London. He is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Why We Eat (Too Much).
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