Doctor Who: The Third Monsters Collection

Doctor Who: The Third Monsters Collection

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Doctor Novelisations


Five classic TV novelisations that pitch the Doctor against an array of monstrous foes.

In Daleks: The Chase the First Doctor and his friends must flee from the path of a Dalek execution squad.

The Macra Terror awaits the Second Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie within an apparently idyllic Earth colony, whilst in Doctor Who and the Web of Fear the Yeti have colonised the London Underground, at the behest of the Great Intelligence.

Doctor Who and the Mutants relates the oppression of the Solonian people at the hands of Earth authorities, and in Doctor Who and the State of Decay the Doctor, Romana, Adric and K9 encounter the terrifying Great Vampire.

Maureen O'Brien, Anneke Wills, David Troughton, Jon Culshaw and Geoffrey Beevers read these thrilling tales, with Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks and John Leeson as the voice of K9.

Duration: 20 hours 40 mins approx.
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'Doctor Who and the Mutants' cover image artwork © Jeff Cummins

About the authors

John Peel

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Ian Stuart Black

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Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks became Script Editor of Doctor Who in 1968, co-writing Patrick Troughton’s classic final serial, The War Games, and editing the show throughout the entire Jon Pertwee era to 1974. He wrote many iconic episodes and serials for the show after, including Tom Baker's first episode as the Fourth Doctor, Robot; Horror at Fang Rock in 1977; State of Decay in 1980; and the 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors in 1983. Terrance novelised over sixty of the original Doctor Who stories for Target books, including classics like Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen and Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion, inspiring a generation of children to become readers and writers. He died in August 2019, only weeks before the publication of his final Doctor Who short story, ‘Save Yourself’, in The Target Storybook.
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