Every Body Should Know This

Every Body Should Know This

The Science of Eating for a Lifetime of Health




Are you overwhelmed by conflicting nutritional advice?

Do you struggle to make healthier food choices?

In theory, we all know what works and what doesn’t work for our bodies; we know that we should eat more vegetables, consume less refined sugar, and avoid eating too many ultra-processed foods. We also know that what we choose to eat has a direct consequence on our health and our happiness.

But, in reality, we have lost touch with the food we eat; it’s produced far away from our day-to-day lives and often arrives prepared and pre-packed to our supermarkets, our homes and our desks. Consequently, the food environment in which we live is based on marketing and arbitrary targets, instead of responding to our biology and nourishing our individual needs at different stages of our lives.

That’s why in Every Body Should Know This, medical scientist and Head Nutritionist at ZOE, Dr Federica Amati explains how to make the most beneficial decisions for maintaining good health at every life stage. This first-of-a-kind book combines nutrition, medical science, and public health advice to create a simple, evidence-based guide to what we should all know about the food we love to eat and how it affects us.

Packed with jargon-free advice, and informed by the latest scientific research, Dr Amati explores each life stage, from conception right through to our senior years, and delivers clear, targeted nutritional recommendations for all, so that everybody can have a better insight to what works for them personally.

Order now and reclaim the power and pleasure of your food.


  • An essential nutrition and lifestyle guide across the lifespan. A fascinating DIY guide to food and health – read it!
    Dr Tim Spector, author of 'Spoon Fed' and 'Food for Life'

About the author

Federica Amati

Dr Federica Amati is a postdoctoral medical scientist and AfN accredited nutiritionist with over ten years experience in scientific research and communications. Dr Federica is committed to carrying out ongoing nutrition, public health and mental health research at Imperial College London alongside the NIHR and the WHO Collaborating Centre. Dr Federica also leads scientific communications for personalised nutrition company ZOE where she works alongside Dr Tim Spector.
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