Crimes of Cupidity

Crimes of Cupidity

The sizzling romance from the bestselling author of The Plated Prisoner series


Is falling in love multiple times really such a crime?

This cupid says no.

Emelle used to be just a stupid cupid helping others fall in love (or not) and living a loveless life.

Everything changed when she went to the fae realm and was no longer invisible. Her sole goal was to find love for herself, and she did. With four fae men.

Too bad she found trouble too.

She's somehow become an accidental spy for the kingdom's rebels, and there's a war brewing in the realm.

All this cupid really wants to do is spread a bit of love . . . but she'll have to spread a bit of fight first.

Good thing there's nothing a cupid will fight harder for than love.

Crimes of Cupidity is Book Three in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series

Gild, Glint and Gleam, Sunday Times bestsellers, April 2023

About the author

Raven Kennedy

Raven Kennedy is a California girl born and raised, whose love for books pushed her into creating her own worlds. Her debut series was a romcom fantasy about a cupid looking for love. She has since gone on to write in a range of genres, including the adult dark fantasy romance: The Plated Prisoner Series, which has become a #1 international bestseller with over three million books sold worldwide. Whether she makes you laugh or cry, or whether the series is about a cupid or a gold-touched woman living in a castle, she hopes to create characters that readers can root for.

When Raven isn't writing, she's reading or spending time with her husband and daughters.

You can connect with Raven on her social media, and visit her website:
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