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9 books to enjoy with breakfast in bed

Treat yourself to a brilliant book and a perfectly paired breakfast in bed. Whether you're craving something deliciously dark or light and simple, we’ve got the book and matching breakfast.

image of Rose Petal Summer

A Rose Petal Summer by Katie Fforde

There’s nothing quite as romantic or fanciful as a Katie Fforde novel, and her latest book A Rose Petal Summer is no exception. It tells the story of Caro’s whimsical summer adventure, set across rural Scotland, a London canal boat and a chateau in France. Throw in a mystery, a wedding and a meeting with a man who – at first – doesn’t seem to recognise her, and you’ve got all the makings of the perfect love story. Best read with a fancy, floral breakfast of rose petal tea served in the finest china teacup, with granola scattered with strawberries – light, sweet and satisfying. Because like the long-lost perfume Caro seeks in the story, we all deserve something special on Mother’s Day.

Image of Freefall

Freefall by Jessica Barry

Gripping, emotional and deliciously dark, Freefall explores the complex bond between mother and daughter as Allison survives a plane crash and has to run – from the secrets in her past, and now the new danger that awaits her. Miles away, Alison’s mother refuses to believe she is dead, and so begins a spiralling web of lies and fight for survival. Best enjoyed with a decadent brunch of pancakes drizzled in dark chocolate, served with a black-as-night coffee and punchy blueberries. Whether you’re flicking to the next page or eyeing up this addictive feast laid before you this Mother’s Day, you won’t be table to tear your eyes away.

image of I Owe You One

I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Does life get any sweeter than a new Sophie Kinsella novel? Add a freshly baked cinnamon swirl, a luxurious hot chocolate complete with cream and cocoa powder, and you might just manage to add the icing on the cake to the perfect Mother’s Day morning. I Owe You One is the fun, uplifting story about Fixie Farr, a woman who just loves to put things right. But when she agrees to watch a man’s laptop for him in a coffee shop, she has no idea it’ll change her life. Soon they owe each other favour after favour, and Fixie finds herself in a mess she didn’t expect…which might actually lead to the future she deserves. It’s pure, unapologetic joy – as irresistible as breakfast in bed. 

Image of Home

Home by Amanda Berriman

A heart-breaking tale of family, love and innocence, this book will have you yearning for childhood comforts – like the perfectly cooked boiled egg with hot buttered soldiers, perhaps? The lead character is four and half year old Jesika, who is sure to steal your heart. A tight family unit, Jesika lives with her mother and little brother, but despite the loving environment there’s a lot she has to face: a landlord who wants to evict them, and a new friend of her mother’s, who Jesika doesn’t really like very much… Whilst moving and sometimes incredibly sad, it’s also uplifting, full of hope and unconditional love. It’s a book to make you think, laugh and cry. So whilst it might leave your heart a little cracked (just like the boiled egg) it’s worth every tear, we promise.

image of The Missing Sister

The Missing Sister by Dinah Jefferies

Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to get away from it all, and escape into another time with this exotic, romantic tale by Dinah Jefferies. Set in 1930s Burma, Belle is a nightclub singer haunted by a mystery of her past: her sister was taken from the family home when she was just a baby. When she decides to try and find her, an attractive, easy-going journalist offers to help her, and so begins an adventure of unsettling rumours, riots, threats and a growing, irresistible romance. It’s indulgent. It’s glamorous. It’s best read with a sparkling glass of fizz, and a platter of scrambled egg and smoked salmon, as classy and sophisticated as Belle’s exciting lifestyle. 

image of Still Me

Still Me by Jojo Moyes

Let’s face it: we all fell head over heels for the loveable, spirited Lou Clarke in Me Before You and the sparkling sequel After You. Still Me is her final joyous, pitch-perfect chapter, where she finds herself with a great job in New York, a good boyfriend back in London, but then, strangely, a new person in her life who reminds her of someone in her past…Just like any Jojo Moyes novel, this book is like a warm plate of crumpets dripping with honey, served with a steaming mug of tea. It’s comforting. It’s sweet and enjoyable and oh-so-readable. And ultimately, it just makes you feel good. What more could you want from a book this Mother’s Day?  

image of Playgroups and Prosecco

Playgroups and Prosecco by Jo Middleton

Chaos. Crying. Jaffa cakes. Single motherhood isn’t easy, which strong, independent Frankie certainly knows first-hand. But when she accidentally forms a group of single parents at the local playgroup (where married mums usually rule the roost) she’s about to find out that friendship is all you need to help find yourself again. It’s the most hilarious, honest, warm-hearted story that will have you smiling over your toast and cereal. To all those hard-working mums out there, we suggest you treat yourself to whatever breakfast is at hand, stay put in bed and lose yourself in the shenanigans of Frankie’s diary. (And if you fancy a glass of prosecco at breakfast… we’re not judging. It’s Mother’s Day, after all.)  

image of Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Is there anything as wholesome and heart-warming as a classic story from your childhood? Anne of Green Gables is one of our absolute favourites and it’s a book we love to curl up with when we need a little pick-me-up, or have some extra time to spare. It’s familiar and hearty, just like a warm bowl of porridge stirred with jam and speckled with fresh fruit (eat your heart out, Instagram.) And if you don’t yet know the story, you’re going to find it hard to resist once you hear about it. Anne Shirley arrives at the cosy white farmhouse Green Gables, and knows right away that she wants to stay forever. But she’s not exactly what the Cuthberts expected – skinny, red-haired and fiery-tempered. If only she can be on her best behaviour and hold her tongue, then maybe, just maybe, they won’t send her back to the Orphanage. It’s a giant hug of a story.

image of Mum, Tell Me

Mum, Tell Me by Elma van Vliet

Don’t fancy reading in bed for once? Then pick up a pen and write down some treasured memories this Mother’s Day. Mum, Tell Me is a beautiful gift book where you can answer questions about yourself and your little one – and give it to them afterwards so that they can keep it forever. Take your time over it with a pot of tea, and munch your way through a selection of pastries and biscuits as you move through every question. (You need energy for all this story-telling and memory-recalling, right?) We don’t know about you, but we love arts and crafts and handmade gifts, so it’s the perfect Mothering Sunday activity. The biscuits are just an added bonus.

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