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What to read to fill the Love Island-shaped hole in your life

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Ovie | Love Island
ITV: Ovie Soko

Love Island: fascinating social experiment? Barometer of modern gender mores? Or just a bronzed, chiselled version of guiltily watching two strangers have an argument on the street? 

Whatever your excuse for watching ITV’s reality TV behemoth, the pool has now been drained, the sun loungers folded away and the cast of twenty-somethings you’ve ogled for months are headed for 12 months of Boohoo #instapromo contracts and Fresher’s Week PAs. Like them, it’s time for us to move on.

To fill the terrible hole in your evenings, may we humbly suggest a book or two that offer something of the villa’s magic. Whether you’re a sucker for a good romance (Tommy and Molly-Mae!), a strong heroine living life on her own terms (Amber!) or just fancy a witty insight into the pitfalls and perils of modern dating (Maura! Anne! All the ones whose names you can’t remember!), we have the perfect titles for you to graft, crack on with and get to know.


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