An illustration of a pink question mark on an aqua green background, inside which one can see a living room with houseplants.

Quiz: which type of housemate are you?

Are you the fastidious flat parent? The mooch? The hermit? Take our quiz, inspired by the hilarious housemate horrors of Phoebe Luckhurst’s new novel The Lock In, to find out.

Whether you live in a city, go to uni, or the rental market has priced you out of living alone, almost everyone will have had housemates at some point in their lives. And anyone who has had them will know that they tend to fall one of just a few ways: maybe they’re the neat, alpha-type who obsessively cleans the flat and demands things their way, or they’re constantly plundering the fridge for that is clearly marked as yours, or they’ve been completely absent since they started dating what’s-their-face.

Something you might not yet have considered, though: you may just be one of those housemate types. In Phoebe Luckhurst’s riotous new novel, The Lock In, a handful of housemates find themselves trapped in the attic as their flat fills with water from a broken main, and learn more about themselves – and each other – than they’d maybe care to know. To mark its release, we put together a quiz to determine just which housemate we might be. Take it below to find out just what your housemates might have thought of you, below.

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