A photo of two stacks of Vintage novels, with Push by Sapphire, Courage to Care, and The Hungover Games atop them, all against a yellow background.

Quiz: which book should be on your summer reading list this year?

A good book can offer an escape from reality, some time to relax or the chance to broaden your horizons. Design your dream getaway and we’ll tell you the best book to add to your summer reading list this year.

While most of us won't be going abroad this year, a good book can still offer ways to move your mind to far-flung places. Our Vintage summer reading list has something for everyone, from escapist adventure novels to thought-provoking non-fiction, from contemporary classics to new bestsellers. 

To help find the perfect match for you, we’ve put together this handy quiz on your ideal summer activities. Plug in your holiday preferences below, and we'll pair you with the perfect read.

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