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5 fun challenges to teach tots about time

How many star jumps can your child do? How many times can they flap their arms? How many words can they say in a minute? There are a number of fun 60-second challenges in our new In A Minute book that will encourage kids to think about time. Have a go now and find out what your little one can do in a minute!

Ladybird team
In A Minute star jumps


1. A winning star-jumper can jump 77 times in a minute. How many star jumps can you do in a minute?

In A Minute woodpecker


2. A woodpecker taps 1,200 times in a minute. Tap your fingers as many times as you can in a minute.

In A Minute blinking eye


3. Blink non-stop. Can you blink more than 20 times in a minute?

In A Minute moving feet


4. We can move our feet in all sorts of ways! How many times can you hop on just one foot in a minute?

In A Minute beating heart


5. A human heart beats up to 100 times a minute. How many times does your own heart beat in a minute?

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